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About Us

The company Český servis a.s. has been operating in the field of service since 2007. During this amount of time we managed to build a functioning and stable logistic system, thanks to which we`re able to professionally repair most of the devices in a short amount of time. Our certificated service centres all over Czech Republic will through our engineers provide you professional, quality and time-flexible repair services of your electronic devices and computing. 
Český servis a.s. is primarily focused on hardware support of manufacturers, distributors and mainly users in the area of IT services. Our Service program responsibly handles the also the most demanding needs of today`s customers, which are maximally concentrated on their main area of business activity. We also have flawlessly built, reliably secured and continuously developing area IS/IT.
We offer you complex service in service, repair and product maintenance in the field of information technology. Our team with 120 members of specialized professionals these days takes over 6000 orders per month.
The company Český servis a.s. wants to be a company where works certificated and well maintained integrated management system at which is always being monitored it`s effectivity and improvement.
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