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Delivery service

You can send your electronic device to any of our relevant service establishment by any delivery or Courier service.

Before sending

Most likely if you consult the reason of the repair or service with our employee on the phone number of the relevant establishment where you’d like to send the consignment before sending.
In the consignment please put the device together with a document from which should be clear:
Device must be carefully packed with all necessary accessories before sending. Best use original packaging including original fillings.
Mark the shipment according to the delivery conditions of selected carrier so that it is clear that it is electronics and it`s necessary to handle with care. Czech service is not liable for damage caused during transport.

When we get the device

Upon receipt of the equipment for service, our engineers diagnose the fault. In case of post-warranty repair or if the defect cannot be remedied under warranty, the service will process a price offer which will be sent for approval. In case of approving price your device will be fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t agree with the price offer, the respective establishment will charge you a price list diagnosis.

How to pick up the device?

After the repair you can pick up your device at our establishment or it can be sent by any chosen delivery or Courier service. Depending on your order, the respective establishment can also send the repaired equipment by our carrier, in which case it will charge you for packing and shipping according to its tariff. If the repair is done under warranty the device can be sent to you for free.

Will you leave the device transport to us?

If you don’t want to waste time with searching for delivery service you can just fill the collection order form and we will take your equipment for service with our pick-up service. In case of warranty repair the transport is free.
remark: Customers most frequently used delivery services and courier services are DPD, PPL, UPS, Geis, GLS, TNT, DHL, MESSENGER, IN TIME, Sprinter, but you can choose any preferred delivery service.
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