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Management of corporate IT environment

Hardware (HW) support

We are an authorized IT service. We repair mobile phones, computers, servers, printers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), etc. in our services or directly in your company.

IT outsourcing (B2B)

Will we provide comprehensive IT outsourcing, or partial IT management. We will find the optimal solution for the use of IT technology and you will save costs. Our IT management adapts to every company type.

External network management

We will monitor the correct setup of the network, the entire IT infrastructure and flexibly address the current needs of corporate users.

IT Consulting  

We offer companies IT consulting with extensive experience in IT and work with all major HW and SW brands.
Are you considering external IT management in the company?
Contact us: +420 739 380 954
We will prepare a non-binding proposal for the scope of your company's IT management so that you can get an idea of ​​the benefits for your company.
Outsourcing of corporate IT
We take care of the correct network settings for companies and solve the current needs of its users. Our IT outsourcing will make sure that all your computers, laptops, servers, printers, UPS and other IT infrastructure work without any issues.
We will analyze your IT environment
HW and SW management
We will set up IT support steps
Peripherals management
User support
Management of servers on the platform
Support of IT experts
Windows and Linux
IT problem solving
Prophylaxis of IT equipment
Antivirus and antispam protection
Are you interested in IT outsourcing?
Computer network management
ICT outsourcing can also include your corporate IT network. We will design and supply network elements (ethernet, wifi, telephone) so that all employees in the company have a secure and optimal connection. We minimize network, internet, or server downtime.
IT security against outage electricity (UPS)
Delivery and management of network elements
Data Backup
IT security against outage
IT network firewall and other protection
UPS supplies, UPS support and service
Wired (ethernet) and wireless wifi network
Server downtime protection
Backup infrastructure
Interested in IT network management?
Don't worry about your IT technology. Contact us and our ICT outsourcing will take care of you. You will have more time for your business. We will be happy to prepare an optimal proposal for IT outsourcing.

What more can you expect?

Clear rules for cooperation

We will set the conditions together. We will adapt complex IT outsourcing to the needs of the company.

Services directly in companies, onsite repairs

If necessary, we perform IT management directly in companies, either once or at regular intervals.

Flexible customer service

Every business needs something different. We will adapt the service to your needs.

We have 14 years of experience

We have been providing a wide range of IT services since 2004.

Professional IT HelpDesk

Our IT operators are available on the HelpDesk telephone line.

Certified professionals

Our IT specialists are regularly trained by HW and SW manufacturers - our IT partners - and are educated.

Remote monitoring

As a standard, we perform supervision, SW prophylaxis and remote service.

Modern background

We have modernly equipped workplaces for HW service.
IT consulting
Don't have time or are not familiar with ICT administration? Our specialists will help you. We will advise you on how to develop and manage IT to support your business. We provide customers with expert consultations that help them make better use of IT technology and optimize their IT infrastructure. We strive to provide comprehensive ICT outsourcing.
Setting up and optimizing a computer network
Delivery and management of network elements
Data Backup
IT security against power failure (UPS)
IT network firewall and other protection
UPS supplies, UPS support and service
Wired (ethernet) and wireless wifi network
Server downtime protection
Backup infrastructure
Are you looking for IT consulting?

Benefits of our service


We have network of establishments all over the Czech Republic. You can submit and pick-up the repairs here.


If your device is under warranty we will pick it up from you for free. Save your time.


We are an authorized service for many world brands. We do warranty and post-warranty repairs.


We guarantee high expertise. Our service engineers repair over hundreds of thousand devices per year.


provided data will be the company Český servis a.s. use only for the correct processing of your query or request.

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