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Warranty and post-warranty service CANON

Czech Service specializes mostly on repairs and service of printing devices and scanners Canon but we also repair for example calculators. 

Authorized service CANON

We are an authorized service for wide portfolio of Canon devices. We make use of full support from producer`s side.

How to deliver the device to the service centre

In person
You can deliver you device to any establishment during opening hours. Choose your nearest establishment.
Delivery service
You can send your device with any delivery service. However, pay attention to how to prepare the equipment for service.
Pick-up service
Your device can be picked up by us. Fill the collection order form. If you`d like to send the device by transportation company back, you will be charged 165 CZK without VAP (value added packs, DPH) for packing and shipping (200 CZK with VAP).

How can we help with your device?

Is the printing cylinder making the paper dirty?
The printer doesn’t print?
Do you need to clean the printer?
Are you interested in external administration for your company?
These and many other problems and issues with your Canon device can be fixed by Czech Service in couple days.
Visit our closest Czech Service establishment or send your device right to our service.

Why to cooperate with us?

We are an authorized service for Canon.
We are doing warranty repairs for Canon so you will get warranty benefits.
We also do post-warranty repairs.
We do repairs in the possible shortest amount of time, standard 5 work days.
You can see the state of the repair online.
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