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Warranty and post-warranty service and repairs

We repair all types of backup sources up to output 3 KVA and after consulting with our technical expert for chosen also over 3 KVA.

We are an authorized service

Our service is authorized by EATON and that’s why we can use full support of the producer for backup sources repairs.

How to deliver the device to the service centre

In person
You can deliver you device to any establishment during opening hours. Choose your nearest establishment.
Delivery service
You can send your device with any delivery service. However, pay attention to how to prepare the equipment for service.
Pick-up service
Your device can be picked up by us. Fill the collection order form. If you`d like to send the device by transportation company back, you will be charged 165 CZK without VAP (value added packs, DPH) for packing and shipping (200 CZK with VAP).

How can we help with your device?

Your UPS is not turning on during electric power cut?
Backup source is turning off?
Isn`t your UPS source working correctly?
Do you need to change or to buy new batteries for the backup source?
Do you need to install your UPS?
UPS is making unpleasant noises or is announcing an error?
We offer service for these and many more EATON backup source problems.
Deliver your UPS to one of ours service establishments or contact us and leave other worries on us.

Why to cooperate with us?

Our technical experts are properly educated and trained by the producer.
We are an authorized EATON service.
We also do post-warranty repairs.
We are doing warranty repairs for EATON so you will get warranty benefits.
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