The most commonly used services of Český servis by our customers:

  • Standard warranty and postwarranty service.
  • Repaire IT equipment by our technicians on client site –  ON-SITE service.
  • Free collection and return delivery – can be ordered in main menu.
  • Express repair service – by personal agreement with the client.
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Dear customers,

at this moment you can simply make an online order of collection of your equipment to  our service center.

At this moment it is not possible to order collection from Slovakia.

If necessary, please contact our helpdesk on telephone number
800 111 155 or mail



Green line :

Tel.: 800 111 155  (Praha)

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Help us to improve the service by filling in questionnaires.

Helpdesk online :

Application Helpdesk online is designed for direct communication on issues relating to services provided or activities undertaken by our company.  It is available on working days from from 09:00 to 17:00.

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About us

Český servis company is active in service environment since 2007. During this time we managed to build a functioning and stable logistics system, thanks to which we are able to competently repair most of equipment in a very short time. Our certified service centers in the Czech Republic can ensure professional, quality and time-flexible services in repairing your electronics and computer technology.

In the area of IT services, Český servis is primarily focused on hardware support for manufacturers ​​, distributors and most importantly the users. Our service program corresponds to the most demanding needs of today’s customers who are most focused on their main area of ​​business. To do this, we have built flawlessly operate, secure, and continuously developed area of ​​IS / IT.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of service and maintenance  of products in the field of information technology. Our 120-member team of trained specialists currently runs over 6,000 orders a month.