Transport order

Plase, fulfill all transport request  form fields carefully and also make sure you have read the transportation terms and conditions. Transportation order  will be registered immediately after cliking on SEND ORDER button.
If your order is received to 16:30, Your order will be ordered for the next business day.
For more information, please, contact our toll free number+420  800 111 155 (Helpdesk), od DPD transportation company  customer care on +420 841 700 700.
Free of charge transportation is provided for devices up to 30kg.
Thank you for understanding.

Transportation terms and conditions:


Correctly packed shipment must be in accordance with following:

  • Container (box) must be relevant to shipment weight and dimensions and protect the device during transport
  • Container must be suitable for shipment processing by automatic sorting equipment.
  • Container must be made of materiál to withstand the fall from a height of 80cm
  • Consigment must be stackable, ie., it must be inside-secured and reinforced to withstand a static load five times heavier than it´s own weight.
  • All lids and holes in container must be firmly and visibly secured to prevent package opening
  • The free space between the cover (lid) and the contents must be filled
  • Shrink sleeve on the upper side of shipment must not be printed or folded
  • We do not accept bound packages
  • In case of reusing cardboard boxes, plase remove all old transportation labels
  • Package must comply with the maximum permitted size

Maximum dimensions of the shipment:

  • Lenght: 175 cm (longest side)
  • Circuit lenght : 300 cm (2x width and 2x height) + lenght
  • Weight of domestic shipment – up to 50 kg (oversized shipment – 1 T)
  • Weight for international shipment – up to 31,5 kg