Warranty and postwarranty service

Český servis offers complete service of computing technology products. Currently we provide warranty and post warranty service for Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Canon, Samsung, Fujitsu, IBM, Brother, AG Neovo, Sampo, APC, LYNX, Prestigio, Tally a Thomas-Krenn.AG and Pocketbook products.
In case of post warranty repair, we can provide service for all types of printers, multifunction devices, backup power sources, PC´s, notebooks, servers, scanners, plotters, network devices and projectors.

Upgraded service according to customer requirements (SLA)

If users do not comply with the standart manufacturer´s warranty terms of conditions, or if special conditions for post warranty repairs are needed, we offer „tailored“ service agreements, in which the specified requirements such as response time on demand, guaranteed repair time, conditions of spare device loan, software support etc.  are included.

Outsourcing of print solution

and more companies of different sizes solves print environment operation
through outsourcing.  Not only to getr id
of everyday worries, but also to avoid unwanted and unexpected costs connected
with print. This path leads to significant savings in printing costs.
This is possible through more efficient use of network printers, reducing
downtime when failures printers and copiers, and overall optimization of the
client’s business environment. The user pays only for the actual number of the
copied or printed pages in a given period and he is able to plan with high
precision current price of print task in company. He doesn´t care for
technology and purchasing  of new
equipment, maintenance or repair, logistics, consumables supply, he do not have
to worry about equipment lifetime, it´s utilization, deprecitation etc

Prophylaxis and devices audit

Prophylaxis is a preventive examinations focused on the functionality of the device. We are checking the complete condition of device, both internal as well as external site. Prophylaxis service allows the customer to take advantage of our experience, where we focus on the parts that are most exposed or which are the most common source of failure. The result is not only devices with extended lifespan, but also information for the customer , which allows him better planning of used hardware restoration.

Ecological disposal of electrical and electronic equipment

We offer environmentally friendly disposal of all office and computer equipment, including confirmation of environmental friendly destruction. For larger quantities, we can arrange pickup of devices directly at the customer site.

In case of interrest in our services, feel free to contact us by e-mail