Buyout toners


Buyout toners are handled by:

Daniel Holpuch Tel : 227 204 433 Fax: 227 204 445

Buyout terms:

  • Cartridges must be completely consumed.
  • Cartridges must not be mechanically or otherwisely damaged (scratches, cracks, dented electrical contacts, broken parts).
  • Ink and Toner Cartridges we buy only original, ie. once used.

Terms of payment:

We pay for cartridges after checking their status, approximately one week from the accept date, and the payment is made in two ways:

  • In cash based on the expenditure of the receipt issued in the name and address of the existing individuals, VAT is not included..
  • We pay the amount based on invoice (invoice, contract), we can pay in cash or via bank transfer.

Empty cartridges delivery method:

  • Personally based on phone or e-mail agreement
  • By transport service, after preliminary phone or e-mail agreement
  • By our dedicated distribution service (only in the capital city of Prague), based on phone or e-mail agreement