We are the longest Apple Authorized Service Provider in Czech Republic. _________________________________________________

  • We provide warranty and out of warranty repairs for all products Apple.
  • Repairs of iPhone are possible for all devices from the whole world.
  • We solve all international warranties, regardless of country of purchase.
  • Warranty and out of warranty repair of iPhone is possible only for device which has disabled Find My iPhone. Please swith it off before repair – check manual.
  • We provide free repairs covered by an exceptions Apple or Repair Extension Program.
  • Time of repair depends on charakter of problem and supply of spare parts. The normal repair time is about 3-5 working days.
  • If you want to order free transport of your device to our office, please visit the menu Transport order.
  • Your questions about repairs of Apple pruducts can be answered on Please provide us serial number of your Apple device for faster communication.