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Odkazy :


  • We provide warranty service (through an authorized service partner of the C SYSTEM CZ company) and we also perform post warranty repairs of printers, multifunctions, laptops, PC´s, servers, plotters, scanners and monitors sold in the Czech Republic.
  • The standard warranty period for individuals is two years, one year for the company. For each device the warranty period can be extended or get on-site service by purchasing Care Packs (orders or inquiries can be sent to obchod@ceskyservis.cz).
  • Your warranty could be verified at the manufacturer’s website. In all cases, invoice  must be attached to the device, in case of missing serial number on invoice, also the delivery note is mandatory.
  • Devices  which are sent to the service center by transportation service must be properly packed, preferably in the original packaging, including accessories. Český servis is not liable for transportation damages of monitors that are not originally / properly packed, and cannot accept the warranty, if the monitor is damaged during transport.
  • If you are interrested in free transportation of your device to the service point, please visit ” order transportation” menu.