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  • We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs of PocketBook electronic readers and tablets purchased in Czech republic and Slovakia. (Service for Slovak republic can be found here).
  • Warranty repairs are provided for all in-warranty PocketBook devices , which are intended for CZ or SK distribution and are purchased in Czech or Slovak region.
  • What is needed for warranty repair:
    • Device with all accessories
    • Fulfilled warranty card from manufacturer or printed purchase document with dealer´stamp, date of purchase and model code or serial number of device
    • Correct and precision description of defect. (Optional)
  • In case you are sending the device via transportation service, following steps are recommended:
    • is strictly recommended to properly pack the device in accordance with transport terms and conditions of selected company.
    • Provide us with Customer contact informations (address, e-mail, phone number, where the Customer can be contacted between 9AM – 5PM)
    • Maximum price quotation for post-warranty repair (Optional)
  • Actually, repairs are covered only on Prague branch office, device can be sent to Prague office address, or you can order pick-up service here.
  • In case you recieve of post warranty repair price quotation (rejected warranty repair) is recommended to communicate (approve or reject) up to 5 business days, if not arranged otherwisely) After this period, service proces is cancelled and service fee for diagnostics can be applied.
  • In case that device or it´s accesoories is not compliant with warranty repair or in case of price quotation rejection, service center is authorized to apply service fee in accordance with our price list.
  • Questions not related to pending or planned repair in our authorized service center should be asked at Pocketbook cutomer support (help@pocketbook-int.com) or you can use free of chargé phone number 800 844 844 (from landline) or 800 701 307 (from cell phone).
    For pickup service request for 2 and more devices, please contact us on praha(at)ceskyservis.cz. Please write the word „SVOZ“ in the subject and add information about quantity of shipped devices. Package must contain above mentioned details / documents which are mandatory for repair and roster sheet with shipped devices.