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  • We provide warranty and post waranty repairs of Samsung mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players.
  • Warranty services are provided for all in-warranty Samsung devices, which are intended for Czech and Slovak distribution and was purchased in Czech republic or Slovakia.
  • What is mandatory to deliver for warranty repair:
    • Mobile phone with battery, charger and all other included accessories.
    • Fullfilled and verified warranty card from manufacturer, or printed purchase document with the stamp of dealer, date of purchase, model code and IMEI (serial number) of device.
    • Detail defect description.
  • In case of sending package via post or transportation service, we recommend to pack the device properly (based on terms of post office or transport service) and provide following details:
    • Device state and included accessories
    • Contact information (adress, e-mail, phone number on which is customer available from 9AM to 5PM.
    • Price limit in case of non warranty repair (not mandatory field, in those cases, service enigineer always sends price quotation to accept before repair)
  • Actually, we can provide repairs of those products on our branch offices in Prague and Brno. You can send your device to service center, or order free of chargé collection here .
  • In case of price quotation for repair which cannot be processed in warranty, this must be answered by the Customer in 5 business days, if not arranged otherwisely.  After this period, claim is closed without repair and service diagnostics fee can be charged in accordance with our price list.
  • In case, that device or it´s accessory is not compliant with warranty terms and conditions in our service center, or in case of price quotation rejection by Customer, the service diagnostics fee can be charged.
  • Questions not related to pending or future repair in Český servis should be asked on customer support service (