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  • We provide warranty and post warranty repairs of all Samsung LCD, CRT and LFD monitors, notebooks, netbooks, photoframes and printers. We can also offer calibration of printers and monitors.
  • We provide prophylaxis of Samsung LFD´s (large format displays).
  • Most of warranty repairs are processed within 5 business days.
  • Based on device type, we can provide on-site service. For availability of this
    service, click Here.
  • Devices  which are sent to the service center by transportation service must be properly packed, preferably in the original packaging, including accessories. Warranty certificate, delivery note or invoice must be attached to device. Český servis is not liable for transportation damages of devices that are not originally / properly packed, and cannot accept the warranty, if the device is damaged during transport.
  • LCD monitor package contents:
    • Monitor, stand, power cord, signal cable (VGA / DVI ), installation CD / DVD
    • In case, that device is equipped with speakers, also audio cable is needed
    • Remote controll for devices equipped with DVB-T tuner.
  • Warranty condition for bad pixels on Samsung notebooks can be found here“.
  • Based on Samsung warranty conditions and terms update from 1.6.2010, we can provide warranty service of only those printer´s consumables, which is part of original purchase package. (Starter toners). For those claims, complete device  with attached purchase documents is mandatory to send in service center.
  • We also provide general tech support for Samsung products through Samsung Customer support. You can contact us either via email, or you can use contact form located on web in support – contact us section. (
  • If you are interrested in free transportation of your device to the service point, please visit “Order menu“.
  • We provide warranty repairs of Samsung optical disk drives.
    Please send ODD´s only on following address:
    Český servis a.s., K Ochozi 663, 59301 Bystřice nad Pernštejnem,, tel. 561110693. Those devices cannot be collected by pick up service, neither the manufacturer doesn´t pay for transport of those devices to service center.
    Before claim, please read warranty terms and conditions:
    End Customer – click HERE.
    Dealer – click HERE.
    We would like to inform you, that based on information from Samsung HQ, we don´t provide any further service of Samsung hard disks. The reason is the takeover of the division of hard drives by Seagate company. Warranty obligations for Samsung HDD segment is therefore provided only by Seagate. Also, you can claim this device at the dealer, where the HDD was purchased.